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BNL Earthworks

Bobcat and Mini Bobcat Works

including landscaping preparation (sand and grass removal, artificial turf preps), yard cleans, paving and concrete preparation, 

shed pads, rubbish and green waste removal, landscaping product supply

Q: Is your grass dead and you want your lawn to look lush and green?

Q: Are you building and want to make sure you give your new lawn the best possible chance of survival?

Q: Want to save water and keep your yard looking green and lush even during the hot summer months?

By using BnL Earthworks to clear, level and lay our soil blend will give your lawn the successful start it needs to give you a greater chance of keeping a successful and healthy green lawn your neighbours will be envious of.

Specially designed and mixed to achieve a sandy loam texture with a variety of materials including organics, clay, peat and sand. Our Soil Blend has been proven to reduce water required to sustain plant life by 50% when compared with native Bassendean sand.

Our soil blend has been designed for use as direct planting medium with ideal physical, biological and chemical characteristics to ensure good plant establishment and healthy growth. It has better water retention characteristics than native sand and requires significantly less watering. It contains balanced levels of quality composted mulch fines, peat, clay and other ingredients.

Trials have shown up to 50% reduction in evaporative water loss in summer condition where our soil blend was used, compared to Bassendean sand.

Our soil blend is Smart Approved WaterMark Accredited. Smart Approved WaterMark is Australia's national labelling scheme for products and services that have been designed to reduce water use.

For more information give us a call today or send us a message for a FREE no obligation quote.