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Turning rubbish into electricity!

Posted on 27 June, 2018 at 1:05 Comments comments (0)

Sweden is almost a rubbish free country by turning rubbish into energy. Wouldn't it be great if Australia and in particular Perth worked towards being a rubbish free country and state whilst also creating energy.

By using BnL Earthworks you can be assured that you are contributing to your state and country by recycling.

All green waste and household waste collected by us is sent to recycling facilities where it is sorted and recycled where possible significantly reducing the amoun...

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Plastic can have such devastating effects on our wildlife

Posted on 1 June, 2018 at 23:20 Comments comments (0)

From Sir David Attenborough’s facebook page @SirDavidAttenborough

If ever a photo so vividly illustrates the damage humans are inflicting on the natural world.... Please think before you buy anything in plastic, do you need it? If you do please dispose of it carefully. Wherever I go now, whether it be in the mountains, on the moors or on the coast there is discarded plastic everywhere. The Government haven't a clue, by the time they act it will be too late, they are going to ban w...

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BnL Earthworks does their bit for the environment

Posted on 9 February, 2018 at 1:35 Comments comments (2)

BnL Earthworks is proud to say we recycle everything possible. Our rubbish and green waste is sent to a site that recycles everything possible rather than dumping it in our local landfill sites. This assists in the reduction of environmental impacts within our communities.


You, our customers can rest assured knowing that by using BnL Earthworks your household rubbish and green waste is going to be recycled. Steel, concrete, glass, tyres, mattresses, bricks, green wast...

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Battle for Joondalup turns into a junk pile

Posted on 18 October, 2017 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

It’s a sight familiar across the suburbs — old furniture, whitegoods, tree branches all piled up along the verges of households for bulk rubbish collection.

But in four local councils across Perth, the yearly ritual of turfing out junk for collection has come to an end and while the issue may seem innocuous, voters have made it a must-address item for the crowded field of candidates in the race for the City of Joondalup’s top job.

After a ...

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Two Pommie Sheilas: Verge collection ???kerb crawlers??? are no cause for alarm

Posted on 18 October, 2017 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

Dear newly arrived Pom.

The shock and thrill of landing in your new country has finally started to wear off. You’ve got a pretty good handle on the new, interesting uses of the English language and you’ve even started to wear a cardie when it’s a “nippy” 20 degrees out.

But suddenly, disaster! The quiet, dreamy suburb you settled on after months of research through Google images, all those real estate websites and endless forum...

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Illegal dumper at Jarrahdale State Forest rumbled by addressed boxes

Posted on 18 October, 2017 at 3:45 Comments comments (0)

A careless dumper might wish he stumped up for tipping fees after police found his name and address among piles of rubbish in state forest.

Jarrahdale State Forest is one of a handful of bushland areas on Perth’s fringes which is notorious for illegal dumping.

The Department of Environment Regulation has ramped up efforts to catch offenders in recent years by setting up a task force and rolling out motion-sensing cameras.

In April, a...

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